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12 Unique Travel Gifts All Travelers Will Love

Are you searching for some unique travel gifts for the travel lover on your list? Travel gift guides have become so repetitive with packing cubes, portable chargers, and noise-canceling headphones!

So, in this travel gift guide, I wanted to share products that I love and have used this year for my own travels that I thought would also make unique gifts for travelers on your shopping list.

12 Unique Travel Gifts All Travlers Will Love
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12 Unique Travel Gifts All Travelers Will Love

1. Allbirds Shoes

Let’s just start with the complete and total truth.

I L-O-V-E my Allbirds! I’ve bought a pair of Tree Runners and a pair of Tree Loungers…and if you’re reading this Santa, I’ve been very good and I’m a size 9. 😉

Allbirds Tree Runners
Source: Allbirds

If you don’t know, Allbirds makes shoes of unparalleled comfort for men, women, and children out of natural materials like merino wool, tree fibers, and sugarcane. These materials help to wick moisture, regulate temperature so feet don’t overheat, and create the coziest, softest inside of a shoe ever. 

And just in case you’re not convinced by someone who is known to walk 30k steps in a day traversing Paris from end to end and who also happens to live (and therefore walk everywhere) in New York City, how about these rave reviews?

  • “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” Time
  • “Frankly, I don’t know how I ever lived without them.” InStyle
  • “We don’t blame you if you never wear another shoe again.” Refinery29

Most days, I don’t wear any other shoes, traveling or otherwise.

I’ve tested other shoes that are supposedly the “most comfortable shoes for travelers.” None (as in zero) came close to being as comfortable as my Allbirds. For this, they’ve earned a place on my feet and in my luggage EVERY TIME I travel.

It’s even become a family affair with hubby now wearing (and loving) a pair of Wool Runner-up Mizzles.

Allbirds Mizzles

The bottom line…blisters and red irritated feet are the worst, especially when all you want to do is explore a new city or tackle an easy day hike.  The traveler on your list NEEDS comfortable shoes no matter where they’re headed.

Allbirds are the answer during the Holidays, as well as one of the best gift ideas for travelers at any time of the year.

2. Intrepid Travel Tour

Okavango Delta Botswana Sunset

Want to give an epic travel gift that’s guaranteed to be remembered way longer than any “thing” ever could? Give the gift of an Intrepid Travel experience.

It’s no secret I love Intrepid Travel! I had an unforgettable bucket list trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana earlier this year and Intrepid is where I go when I’m looking for a small group, adventure travel experience.

They’ve got local guides leading thousands of tours in more than 120 countries. What I love about Intrepid’s itineraries is how they blend must-see places with authentic experiences that might not be easily accomplished with independent travel…like poling into the Okavango with locals to watch the best sunset of your life! 

Intrepid’s most popular destinations and tours include:

Travel experience gifts are easily the best type of gift for a traveler! Travelers love to travel! Without a doubt, traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. Crossing off a bucket list travel experience with Intrepid means giving someone stories that’ll last a lifetime. <3

3. REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket 2.0

Anyone who’s traveled with a big puffy coat knows how awkward and bulky it is getting through airport security or holding onto it during a flight!

REI Coop 650 Down Jacket
Source: REI

So, how about a lightweight, insulated jacket that stuffs into its own left pocket when not in use to make the traveler on your list smile? 🙂 The REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket is stylish enough to wear while sightseeing in Prague and warm enough to wear for a chilly day hike.

The jacket is water-repellant, an absolute must for Down jackets that take forever to dry otherwise, and shields the wind. 

As a traveler, figuring out and finding the right jacket to pack can be an ordeal. You don’t want to lug anything big and heavy around, especially during spring and fall travel when a jacket may only be needed part of the time. It checks the boxes as one of the best travel gifts for her because of its slim, sleek design.

Instead, gift the packable REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket to the traveler on your list so she/he doesn’t have to worry about it.

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4. Knack Pack

Backpacks have a certain reputation. Typically, they’re sporty and outdoorsy, sometimes even rugged. But the sleek Knack Pack turns this on its head! My Medium Expandable Knack Pack is beautifully designed and a powerhouse when it comes to function and organization.

Knack Pack
Source: Knack Pack

The traveler on your list can use this bag for daily use. It has a padded zip compartment for laptops and organized storage for a wallet, keys, headphones, and electronic cords. There’s even a pocket to hide a water bottle so as not to interrupt the stylish vibe.

But what travelers are bound to love the most is how it unzips and expands… not just a little bit but nearly double the unexpanded size! It’s perfect for a short trip as the ONLY piece of luggage needed or makes an ideal carry-on that is designed to slide over the raised handle of most wheeled suitcases. 

Its smart, sleek design combined with Knack Pack’s water-resistant, odor-resistant fabric, and its ability to slide underneath all airplane seats, I don’t have to worry about in-flight spills or knocking into someone on a train with a bulky backpack. All of this is why it’s my go-to carry-on bag for any trip I take.

While gifting a traveler a typical backpack isn’t unique, the Expandable Knack Pack is one of those travel gifts that’ll stand out and become an instant favorite! It’s absolutely one of the best gifts for travelers!

5. Phone Camera Lenses

Smartphones have been a game-changer for travel-lovers who like to capture photos and videos from their trips. Most of us always carry a smartphone camera in our pockets so having a separate camera isn’t altogether necessary.

For anyone with a smartphone, these lenses add to what your phone camera can do on its own. I have a Wide Angle Lens & a Telephoto Lens. Both have come in handy plenty of times during my travels. And because they’re so compact and portable, it’s never a question of whether or not I have space in my bag.

In the Puglia region of Italy, the Wide Angle Lens made it easier to deal with tight, tough angles that come with narrow streets. I could get creative with giant cathedrals without compromising any clarity or sharpness.

Bari Cathedral

In Botswana, the telephoto lens meant I could get 2x the magnification from the safari vehicle. The telephoto lens was perfect when the animals were too close for the telephoto on my Sony mirrorless camera but still far enough that a phone photo alone would have been too far.

Safari Elephant

Quick and easy to attach, the travel lover on your list can clip the lens onto their smartphone and be ready to take effortlessly memorable photos. These lenses are one of the most unexpected gifts for travel lovers.

6. Delsey Paris Luggage

What’s something all travelers need? Luggage, of course! Delsey Paris has been in the luggage business for 70 years and prides itself on the style, durability, and maneuverability of its pieces. They rank up there with other luggage brands like Samsonite and have a devoted customer base.

I fit right in with those happy customers! I love my two Delsey Paris luggage pieces. They combine some serious efficiency and style. (They’re a French-based company so style just comes with the territory!) Not to mention, both pieces have a TSA-accepted lock that allows only TSA agents to open and inspect your bag if necessary.

Delsey Paris Luggage Aero

At first glance, the 19″Aero looks like it would be an ideal long weekend bag. But don’t be fooled by its small stature! It has 2 full-size compartments on either side, straps to keep everything in place, and a lined divider with an additional zipper pouch. Using my packing cubes to organize my clothes, I’ve packed everything I need for 2-week-long European trips.

Best of all, it has 4 wheels so I don’t have to pull it behind me! It rolls alongside and couldn’t be easier to manage in airports, trains, and city streets.

Delsey Paris Luggage Chatelet

I also have the Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 24″ Spinner, which is a great-looking bag without losing any of the reliable features & durability for which Delsey Paris is known.

When the traveler on your list needs additional room, Chatelet Hard+ comes with larger packing compartments, as well as a hanger function to help spare garments from wrinkles. The 4 wheels maneuver easily and have a unique braking system so your bag doesn’t roll away.

Beyond function, this bag comes in mocha or angora and has a leather trim that’ll be unmistakable on any luggage carousel. 

7. DU/ER Clothing

You know you’re really an adult when clothes become exciting, unique travel gifts! 😉 But in all seriousness, the traveler on your list will appreciate versatile pieces of clothing that are both fashionable and perform well for a range of activities.

DU/ER Men's Performance Jeans
Source: DU/ER

I discovered the DU/ER brand this year and was immediately hooked. I have their Performance Denim and a pair of their No Sweat Everyday Pants and have worn them for both outdoor adventures, including day hikes, and city sightseeing.

DU/ER has both men’s and women’s lines of clothing. But what impressed me about DU/ER’s jeans and joggers compared to others I’ve tried is the performance of their fabrics. The clothes stretch and move for total comfort. They’re durable and adapt to different temperatures so you don’t get cold or overheat.

DU/ER Hiking Joggers
Source: DU/ER

From denim to tops, DU/ER’s clothes are designed to wick moisture and neutralize odors. For travelers needing to get more than one use from the items in their suitcase, this is a must! My hubby is a-l-w-a-y-s sweaty and loves his lightweight, performance tee-shirt. He can walk around on warm days and not look as if parts of his shirt are wet. 

Best of all is how great the clothes look! I can easily spend the day hiking in Montserrat and then journey back to Barcelona for a dinner out without looking outdoorsy, dressed in traditional hiking clothes.

The travel lover in your life with thank you for a sharp new pair of jeans or joggers she/he can take on their adventures no matter the destination!

8. America the Beautiful Pass

You can’t gift wrap the U.S. National Parks but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them as a gift! This is one of the most creative ways to give the gift of travel. I guarantee even if the traveler on your list doesn’t have a National Park trip planned, this access pass will inspire that person to make trip plans!

The America the Beautiful Pass is good for an entire year and gets a carload (up to 4 adults, kids under 15 always free) FREE entry to ALL the U.S. National Parks, plus thousands of other federally protected places like National Forests, National Monuments, and Wildlife Refuges.

Grand Teton National Park

This is great for any person, couple, or family who is planning U.S. travel, road-tripping, or looking to get outdoors to explore the natural beauty and history of the United States.

The America the Beautiful Pass can be used for an unlimited number of times during the year, which means you can give the gift of travel over and over throughout the year.

If you want to give a friend or family member an authentic experience, not only will the pass be a one-of-a-kind gift, but it’ll also bring about the best ever travel souvenir of them all…unforgettable, lifelong memories.

9. Babbel

Which traveler, myself included, hasn’t lamented over their lack of language skills?!

Of course, knowing important phrases and basic words in a particular language comes in handy. It’s never fun when you’re standing on a train platform somewhere in Europe, and there’s an announcement about a last-minute track change that leaves you scrambling. 

Even more, though, speaking the local language is the gateway to the local culture. People who love to travel have a natural curiosity to learn more about different places and their history and customs. Perhaps the traveler in your life even envisions living and working abroad, at some point. 

Paris Sunrise

So, what better than to give the gift of language?! There’s no denying it’s one of the best gifts for world travelers. Babbel gets you speaking right away with fun lessons and activities meant to maximize the connections between your native language and the one you’re learning. And, the content focuses on real-life conversation subjects and situations commonly had in everyday life that can be used right away.

With a Babbel gift card, the recipient picks 1 of 14 languages. You can choose between 3 plans depending on the duration you want, 6, 12, or 24-month subscriptions are available.

The traveler on your list can learn on the go. Using the app or a computer, the program can be used across devices so the user can pick up wherever they left off. 

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10. Personalized Push Pin World Map

What traveler doesn’t love a map, especially one that shows where she/he has been. This map from KRMaps can be personalized with a title and a legend. You can also select linen or matte paper the map is printed on.

Etsy push pin map
Image Credit: KRMaps

It’s backed on a piece of foamboard 3/16″ inches thick to allow for easy-to-use push pins to mark destinations.

I love looking at my world map to recall all the places I’ve been and for ideas about my next destination. Paired with a set of map push pins, this world map is such an inspirational gift that looks great and can be displayed proudly. 

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11. Borrow Lenses Gift Certificate

For the traveler who loves to take photos and has invested in a camera, it can be so pricey to add lenses. Bucket list trips like safaris or epic trips to Patagonia may come just once in a lifetime and capturing the experience is a way to reminisce later on.

Borrow Lenses solves this problem! While it may not come to mind right away, this is one of the most unique travel products and gifts on this list.

Travelers can rent the best camera lenses for their needs with just a few clicks. Choose the lens and the number of days needed, and Borrow Lenses will ship the equipment directly to your door.

Borrow Lenses
Source: Borrow Lenses

When it’s time to return the lens, just package it back inside the box it arrived in. Use the provided return shipping label, and send it off with UPS.

I rented a high-powered Sony Telephoto lens for my safari trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The lens I rented would retail for $2,500, but I paid only a couple hundred dollars for 2 1/2 weeks with the lens. As a result, I got incredible photos of my trip.

Borrow Lenses has Gift Certificates that are perfect for any travel-lover who always has their camera in tow but can’t always afford to purchase the right lenses for their destination!

12. Easy Canvas Prints

So many photos stuck in digital form! What can be done with them? Have them printed onto canvas prints as both a unique travel gift and a piece of wanderlust home decor. 

Botswana Khama Rhino Santuary Giraffe

Easy Canvas Prints turns favorite travel photos into one-of-a-kind gifts by simply uploading a photo or a series of photos for a wall display. The canvases arrive ready to hang. Wall displays even come with a diagrammed layout of how to set up each photo with the right amount of distance for the desired look.

I’ve created several wall displays of photos from my travels and they’re always what guests notice and ask about first. And, is there a traveler you know who doesn’t like to talk about their travels?! Exactly.

So, if you’re thinking out-of-the-box and want to steer clear of the usual travel gear gifts, go with an Easy Canvas Print so your travel-loving family member or friend can get those travel photos out into the light of day. After all, personalized travel gifts are always the most thoughtful.

Whether you’re shopping for the best travel gifts for him or her, this list of travel gifts is sure to have something to please!

So, which unique travel gifts would the traveler on your list love?

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