Travel Hacking Basics

What if you could travel where and how you wanted without worrying about whether or not you can afford it?

You’re in the right place.

I’ve done exactly that on a teacher’s salary courtesy of credit card, airline, and hotel points and miles…And so can you.

Airplane flying

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Cut out all the noise and nonsense online and start with the exact information and resources you need to begin your points and miles journey. Getting started doesn’t need to be so complicated. 

In my FREE Travel Hacking Basics course, you’ll find 5 modules to help you build a solid foundation of points and miles skills, strategies, and tips.

Everything you need to start earning and using miles and points for your travel dreams is right here including lessons about the different types of points and miles, how to keep yourself organized, the best credit cards to start with, and must-know rules to redeem your points and miles for max value.

Plus, you’ll get access to the course Facebook Page where you’ll benefit from a supportive and knowledgeable community and get access to Facebook Live tutorials, workshops, and additional resources!

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