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25 Wonderful Wanderlust Decor Gifts Every Traveler is Sure to Love

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of us out there who LOVE to travel. But, most of us are not nomads who can pick up and travel whenever we feel like it. This leaves us with a bit of a predicament. And, we all know once the travel bug bites, it’s all but impossible to recover.

But, even if this isn’t you, I bet you know someone with dreamy destinations on her/his computer wallpaper who’s constantly searching for that next airfare deal. This person likely starts many of her/his sentences with, when I traveled to…, because everyday interactions can always be related back to a travel experience. 😉

For those of us who love to travel or know someone who does, finding creative outlets for our infatuation is a must! And, wanderlust decor is one way to ease those travel bug symptoms.

Wanderlust Decor
Seriously? Let’s do better than this. 😉

What better way to imagine yourself somewhere else than to create a space in your home full of around-the-world decorations that speak to your love for travel?? While as a gift-giver, you’ll be even more appreciated for having given something that recognizes the recipient’s travel passions.

Regardless of a favorite place or particular style, this guide has wanderlust decor gifts that range from bright and colorful to simple and understated for that enthusiastic traveler in your life.

25 Travel-Themed Home Decor Gifts Every Traveler is Sure to Love
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25 Wonderful Wanderlust Decor Gifts Every Traveler is Sure to Love

Source: Etsy

The Vintage Traveler Wall Shelf combines wanderlust home decor with style and functionality. Use it for showing off light storage of those mementos collected over past trips. At the same time, display a frame or two showing off favorite vacation photos.

Wayfair 2-Piece Vintage Trunk Set
Source: Wayfair

The Alcott Hill 2-piece Vintage Trunk Set makes for a great accent in just about any room with vintage travel decor, all while also serving as a handy storage option. For those who like this idea and want a 1-piece steamer trunk look, try this trunk accent instead.

If you like decorative suitcases as decor, why not consider the Winsome Wood Reese Luggage Rack to prop up a suitcase or a trunk in a hard-to-decorate corner? The bottom shelf is perfect for everything from shoes to a folded spare throw blanket.

Source: Wayfair

Finish the look with this Medallion Floor Vase aside an old-style suitcase display or in an entryway with the hanging Traveler Wall Shelf from above. Even better as a gift, this global piece would fit in any style room from French Country to Boho Chic.

Globe sitting on a desk
Source: Wayfair

Map decor and globes are quite popular with travelers because they so easily lend themselves to wanderlust room decorThe classic-looking decorative globe would accent any bookshelf, hall table, or any place it’s possible to sit in a cozy spot and spin the globe in search of that next perfect travel spot. Travel-themed wall decals will complete the look.

Wayfair World Map Painting
Source: Wayfair

Every traveler needs some world map decor, whether it’s a stylish canvas like this Two-Toned World Map or something more functional like a popular scratch-off world map or a push-pin travel map. Luckily, any of these maps make fantastic gifts.


Travelers love to display photos from their trips! Take those gorgeous nature landscapes, birds-eye city views, and quaint village photos and turn them into a printed canvas, metallic, acrylic, or poster print with Mixbook for original travel-themed wall art.

Easy Canvas Prints makes it easy to create a photo wall display with different size photo prints and a wall guide to hang everything accurately. Both offer gift cards, too, so the recipient can choose from their travel photo collection and begin creating their travel-themed living room or bedroom.

Travel-Themed Home Decor
Photo Credit: Wayfair

Travel-themed home accessories meet the piggy bank and saving for an upcoming adventure has never looked so good. Positioned on a shelf or table in a travel-themed office and together with some map decor or travel photos, this piece will unite the room’s style and proudly show off the recipient’s wanderlust.

Etsy Floral World Map Pillow
Source: Etsy

Art doesn’t only hang on walls. This  Floral World Map Pillow shows off this beautiful world using colorful flowers to fill in the outline of a world map.

Who says world traveler home decor need be over-the-top? Here’s simplistic wanderlust decor with a gorgeous bright pop! Like the idea of turning an existing pillow into a piece of travel decor? Try this linen throw pillow sham.

Wayfair Elephant Figurine
Source: Wayfair

Wildlife travelers love highlighting the animals they’ve seen. Elephants, in particular, are so unforgettable, especially for those responsible travelers who chose not to ride them but to experience them in the wild or at an ethical sanctuary.  This elephant figurine would be a great accent for a safari or global-inspired room and would add a touch of travel to a room decorated in metallic hues.

Wayfair Fleur Wall Clock
Source: Wayfair

Most of us know at least 1 family member or friend who’s a complete and total Francophile. They melt at the sight of anything Paris. This oversized wall clock adds an old-world French feel to a room. Pair it with some travel sign decor or other travel wall decor like an old map to finish the look.

Source: Etsy

The iconic Eiffel Tower is recognizable around the world. These metal bookends can serve as a reminder of a beloved trip to Paris or go with a European or global-inspired room. Know someone with an NYC book nook or office space? These suspension bridge bookends make the perfect travel decor gift.

wayfair carribean sea shower curtain
Source: Wayfair

With so much attention being given to living rooms, bedrooms, and the like, let’s not forget a travel-themed bathroom! This Caribbean Map Shower Curtain will continue the wanderlust decor theme into the bathroom all on its own.

No travel decor gift guide is complete with an ode to the beach! Who hasn’t taken a memorable beach trip they’d like to relive? Coastal decor like these Jute Glass Lanterns can stand alone as accent pieces. Or, pair them with beach-inspired travel-themed bedding for a complete beach retreat right from the comfort of home.

Which wanderlust decor item would you most like? 

Still looking for that perfect gift? How about a genealogy giftsomething all travelers need, a gift with a creative twist, or a bestselling travel item!

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25 Travel-Themed Home Decor Gifts
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20 thoughts on “25 Wonderful Wanderlust Decor Gifts Every Traveler is Sure to Love”

  1. These are cool decorations, I think they are the perfect travel inspired gifts for friends or even for your own home. Love all the cool choices you picked out here.

    1. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

      Thanks, Noel. I think that’s the dangerous thing…You start out buying gifts but then have a travel-inspired home yourself!

  2. I have the same problem as you and many others. I wish I was able to leave whenever I want but it’s not always possible! What I appreciated about this post is also that it gives so many nice ideas for Christmas presents for my friends and family who don’t travel enough. Maybe it could be my way to push them out of the door to get the first flight out of the country? I’ll let you know if it works!

    1. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

      Absolutely could be inspiring, Dany! I’d love to know how it works out. Everyone needs some travel in their life.

  3. Omg. I’m in big trouble because I love all of these suggestions!! I’m horrible at decorating but I could totally get into travel inspired decorating!! I think my favorite is the world map decirative pillow..

    1. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

      That pillow is so pretty, Julie! It was so hard to write this guide because I wanted to buy everything! 😉

  4. I love travel themed decor (huge surprise there, right?) and I love everything on your list. I especially like the vintage map shower curtain and the Brithish red phone booth bookends.

  5. What a great selection of gifts for travelers. I think I’ll leave this page open for my husband to give him some suggestions!

  6. These are absolutely wonderful tips! I actually have some version of most of these. When your family knows you love travel, they take gift guides like these seriously. Haha. I love the travel fund box. That one is new to me and I’m a huge advocate for putting all your change and small bills toward travel. Our current fund is a giant mason jar – this is much cuter!

    1. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

      Those coins really do add up, Paige! That travel fund box would look great in nearly every room, for sure. 🙂

  7. Before we started to travel full time, I loved to have such decor. Especially the World Map Canvas or the Trunk set would have definitely suited our apartment 😀 I also really like the Vintage Map Shower Curtain. One of the things I would actually definitively buy when I’m going to settle down a bit more is the Winsome Wood Reese Luggage Rack. It looks pretty awesome and is so useful for future travels 😀

    1. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

      I like the idea of that luggage rack as home decor, Tom. You could totally use it to stack vintage trunks and create a unique travel display. 🙂

  8. These would add so much character to a room! I love them all, especially the map canvas on the wall and the map pillows! You also gotta have the globe though, too 🙂

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