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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jackie, the globetrotter passionately sharing my travel experiences and the miles and points nerd teaching how to earn points and miles to book award flights and hotel nights to travel more for less.

I started The Globetrotting Teacher (TGT) in March 2015 to share travel planning information about destinations and how to achieve travel goals through award travel. I live in NYC with my husband, where I also taught elementary school for 15+ years before jumping into the blog full-time.

The Globetrotting Teacher focuses on travel experiences, travel planning, and making more travel possible with airline and hotel miles and points. The content gives readers the expert advice, information, and inspiration they need to discover new destinations, plan their trips (for less), and travel the world with confidence.

Why Work with The Globetrotting Teacher?

1. You’ll receive full exposure for your destination, brand, and/or product on The Globetrotting Teacher. This includes in-depth, SEO researched written content with photos and promotion across all my social media platforms.

2. I’m genuinely excited for my audience and their travel goals. My readers and I love to travel. I take pride in truly relating to and connecting with them about their travel plans and their desire to effectively get the most from their travel loyalty programs.

3. You’ll get someone working tirelessly to create professional, high-quality content about your brand, product, and/or destination that will appear in search engine results and be continually shared on social platforms like Pinterest for years to come. My blog posts provide in-depth and honest content to educate and excite readers about travel and award travel.

4. Evergreen travel content featuring your brand, product, and/or destination will continually be discovered by a healthy and growing audience.

Brands & Tourism Boards I’ve Worked With

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TGT Readers

Readers come to The Globetrotting Teacher primarily through organic search and social platforms. They are looking for answers to their travel planning and award travel questions, as well as inspiration about new destinations.

Analytics reflect that the majority of TGT readers are between the ages of 18-44.Readers tend to be female, highly educated, travel buffs wanting to embark on their next adventure.

In addition to being travel enthusiasts, many readers are actively researching, planning, and preparing for their next travel experience. I regularly get emails from readers with destination and itinerary questions and how to use loyalty program miles and points to book flights and hotels.

Partnership Opportunities

We can partner on a variety of things including:

  • Press Trips
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadorships & Collaborations
  • Newsletter Sponsorships
  • Giveaways
  • Content Creation
  • Public Speaking, and more!

Have your own idea? I’m always open to new partnerships. 🙂  I’m happy to discuss further and tailor a collaboration for a positive and beneficial collaboration. Unfortunately, I have bills to pay so I can’t accept things like exposure, link exchanges or social media shares in exchange for my time and hard work.

To discuss partnership details and rates, please email me at Jackie(at)

The Globetrotting Teacher Editorial Policy

Everything you see on The Globetrotting Teacher is our own content, including images and videos unless clearly marked otherwise. All rights are reserved and copyright protected. We believe in intellectual property rights. Whenever third-party photos are used, they are attributed according to the creative commons license, unless no attribution is required because of free-use and public domain regulations.

Content we write and produce as part of a Tourism Board or brand partnership is always disclosed as such. We value the trust of our readers and clearly mark destination and brand collaborations. We always present our honest opinions to the best of our abilities. When working with Tourism Boards, Brands, Marketers, and PR Professionals, we act professionally and respectfully and believe in the ability of others to reciprocate as such.

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Thank you for considering The Globetrotting Teacher for your next collaboration!

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