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Matt’s Flights Review: Trusty Cheap Flight Alerts & Support Just for You

Imagine you’re flying to Rome for that trip to Italy you’ve been wishing for as long as you can remember.

Once you arrive, you marvel over the Trevi Fountain (gelato in hand, of course), visit the Colosseum, and spend evenings eating insanely delicious dishes of cacio e pepe while people-watching in the piazza.

But right now, that might as well be a whole world away. 

Instead, you’re stuck hearing about how your cousin and her husband flew round trip to Europe for their anniversary for less than $300 each. Or that co-worker who won’t stop showing her bucket list pics from the $400 round trip she scored to Southeast Asia.

Nevermind, you spent more than either one of them just to fly back home for your sister’s wedding.

Time to put this to an end. Cheap flights are everywhere these days and cheap flight alert services like Matt’s Flights are here to make sure you can take advantage, too, without spending endless hours digging for the best prices.

In this Matt’s Flights review, you’ll learn how Matt’s service works and how his cheap flight email subscription service can get you to wherever you’d like to go…for less than you probably imagined.

This post is sponsored by Matt’s Flights. As always, all opinions are my own.

How to Use Matt's Flights for Cheap Airfare
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Matt’s Flights Review:
Trusty Cheap Flight Alerts & Support Just For You

You’ve got to love a guy who knows how to cook…and, of course, find cheap flights! And, that’s exactly what Matt over at Matt’s Flights does. Well, the flight part anyways…I haven’t tasted his cooking yet to say about that part for sure. 😉

But I can speak to his expertise at finding cheap domestic and international airfare from the U.S. and Canada. And from what I’ve seen land in my inbox, I’m impressed. More on all the details in a moment.

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Matt’s Flights offers free and premium services to alert subscribers via email about discounted and mistake airfares.

The way it works is simple.

Sign up with your email address and choose the region your home airport is in. Or if you’d like to see more deals from departure points around the U.S. and Canada, don’t limit yourself to a single region.

(A deal is a deal…even if it means positioning to another airport to take advantage of it, right?)

After this, you’ll have the option to try out the Premium service free for 14 days. You can also choose to be a completely F-R-E-E subscriber…as in the only risk is NOT signing up and losing an awesome flight deal to a dream destination. 

I want to go to Rome. Why do I need flight alerts for other places?

3 perfect days in Rome

Before going into this, rest assured Matt can help you find the best deal to whatever places are on your travel list. More about this in a second.

Let’s just make sure we all understand the best way to book an amazingly cheap flight deal.

Airlines raise and lower fares based on competition (or lack thereof), demand, and seasonality. When cheaper prices are released, either they’re for a limited time or they sell out. So, you’ve got to be alerted to this in time to take advantage and get the best deal.

It does you no good to hear about a cheap flight deal 3 days too late whether it’s a place at the top of your bucket list or somewhere else. That’s where Matt’s flight alerts sent directly to your email inbox can make all the difference.

You let the deals come to you BEFORE they disappear and figure out why you want to go to that place later. 

If you’re a traveler at heart, that last part will make total sense. You probably have a long list of passport stamps you’re hoping to collect and saving money whenever possible is a must.

But if you’re someone who’s only interested in certain parts of the world, like Europe for example, I promise you’ll uncover classic sights, interesting history, delicious food, and cultural gems whether you’re in Seville or Budapest. And once you’re in Europe, it’s easy to move around cheaply.

Matt’s Flights: Free Plan vs. Premium Plan

Matt’s Free plan is a good place to start if you’re not familiar with how a cheap flight service works. You’ll get some emails with airfare deal alerts. They’ll show discounted routes from your airport and information about how to book the deal. 

Matt's Flights Email Alert

But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you’re a travel-lover like me who’s always looking for a deal, the teasers about ALL the additional emails Premium subscribers are getting causes some serious FOMO…especially when you realize you missed a deal to a place you’d been hoping to go.

Premium subscribers get alerted to as many as triple the deals as subscribers on the free plan. This can change the whole experience from realizing you missed a deal alert to Paris to finally capturing that perfect humble brag photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

And this is just the start of your benefits as a Matt’s Flights Premium subscriber…

How Does Matt’s Flights Work?

After signing up for Matt’s Flights, keep an eye on your inbox for cheap airfare alert emails. 

When a deal arrives, it’ll look something like this.

Matt's Flights Alert

The email will show the airfares to the destination from a range of airports. You’ll see Matt’s estimate at how long a deal will last, which airline(s) are offering the deal, and the time frame you’re likely to find these fares. 

Matt's Flights Alert

In every email, there’s a “How to Book” section with a button taking you to a sample Google Flights search. You could book this exact trip (assuming the deal is still available) if the dates work. Or use Google Flights to find other dates also on sale during the deal time frame.

Matt's Flights Alert

The key is to be decisive and act quickly because cheap fares can disappear at any time.

I realize right about now you might be thinking…

Aren’t there other cheap airfare membership services like this?

And, you’re right. Yes, there are other guys out there with similar services of which I happen to also subscribe.

I completely admit that I welcome all cheap flight alerts to my email inbox because each email offers a chance of finding a serious to deal to someplace amazing.

But, Matt’s Flights stands out from the competitors in a BIG way.

As a Premium subscriber, you get 1-on-1 help from Matt and his team whenever you need help finding a deal for a trip you want to take. All you have to do is email Matt directly with the details of your airport, destination, and dates. You’ll get back an email with the best deals for your specific trip.

Matt's Flights 1 on 1

You can even revise the search based on what you get back and expand on the dates, airports, and destinations for a broader look at possible deals. 

And for flyers who prefer a premium class ticket, these customized results can include the best Premium Economy, Business, and First Class fares.

If you also earn airline miles for award travel as I do, you know that booking a discount or even a mistake premium class fare can mean earning thousands of airline miles for that cash booking. The miles earned can be used for future award flights.

Matt’s Flights is the only cheap flight subscription service to offer this personal travel booking support. 

For the annual Premium fee, $59.99, you can’t beat getting regular email alerts for cheap flights and mistake fares AND have unlimited access to Matt and his team when you need to find deals for a specific trip you’re looking to save money on.

Can’t I just search for flight deals myself?

Sure. You can hop on Google Flights or Momondo and search…and search…and search…and the next thing you know you’ve wasted time and only feel overwhelmed as you watch the prices increase with each search you do.

And what happens when deals or mistake fares show up when you’re not searching? Some say ignorance is bliss but I say bliss is landing in a destination you’ve dreamed about forever because you grabbed a deal that was delivered in time to your inbox.

Is Matt’s Flights worth the money?

Airplane flying

Given that Matt sends flight alerts that will save you hundreds of dollars over the price you’d typically pay, the math more than works out! After all, subscribers save on average $500 when they book an airfare deal they learned of through Matt’s Flights.

This means even if you book just 1 trip a year from a single Matt’s Flights alert, you’ll have gotten an amazing return on your subscription fee.Try out Matt’s Flights now.
The 14-Day Free Trial of Matt’s Premium service is a no-brainer!

How do you go about finding cheap flight deals?

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